The 101 Birds Challenge

The challenge of Corinne Bekker to do a bird each day of September fascinated me right away. So I asked if I could join her  to paint (draw, collage, …) a bird each day of September. We soon decided to enlarge the challenge to do 101 birds until 9th of December and ask others to participate, like Jill Kuhn, and set up a flickr group. Now I am somewhere in the second half of the challenge. As I decided to try different styles and techniques and doing both, real and imaginary birds, a  lot of different birds coming up: birds painted in acrylics, bird eyes studies, life sketches and collage.

Bird Challenge No. 3

A series of fantasy birds drawn with colored pencils on black paper, inspired by Diane Culhane:

Bird Challenge No 10

And more recently some silly ravens did appear:

Bird Challenge No 5727102014_0001

One really good experience I made so far is that the challenge helps me just to do painting and drawing, because I consider this as a task (I did help to announce it publicly) and am committed to it. I am not too much bothered by the outcome because it seems obvious to me that among 101 birds there a lot of average good ones, a few ones I am very pleased with and also some I do not like. I have to admit though, that there are a few more I did not post nor count because I did not like them at all.

Part of the challenge is to share it with other people: to see their wonderful birds and watch their ideas and  styles evolving.

There are still another fortyfive birds to go, so time to get back to the desk...