More Silly Ravens

I have been working on a series of silly ravens recently: Bird Challenge 48Bird Challenge 50

"Winter is coming" (der Winter ist da)  and "the keen cyclist" (der verbissene Radler)


The "newspaper reader" (der Zeitungsleser) and the "violonist" (der Geiger)

The violinist is for my brother who is a violin teacher (and it took me a lot efforts to bring violin and raven in a posture a violin teacher will not have to criticise).

This is how the idea developed: To paint the outline with black acrylics was more or less a coincidence: there was some black paint left from another painting and I just painted a bird with a few strokes without much thinking. When it was dry I played around with markers and colored pencils (left picture) and realized that I like the black traces of the brush. I experimented further with another bird (middle). And I made a third one, raven-like bird, which was looking  quite invalid, so I added a walking stick and suddenly the idea of silly ravens was born.

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