Bird Knick-knacks

Federvögel406042015_0000Federvögela I did not really feel able to draw with a feather and ink before. Then, I decided to do lots of quick sketches from birds (both from fotos and imagination) with feather and then color them with water colours . It seems a perfect occupation for me in the evenings with not much time left but the desire to at least draw something. I feel I get used to the feather and my strokes are getting looser. And I like the imaginary birds more. Here are some my drawings.


In the e-course Year of the Spark I am following, there was a discussion on what is art and what is just "knick-knacks". I will not answer this question, but like this term for these quick sketches - drawing them makes me happy yet.

.Federvögel Falke06042015_0000